Meet Alex & Sandra LeKid

Canadian couple brings their passion to Ocala.

Written By Cynthia McFarland

Music has long been a passion for Alex and Sandra, but good wine is equally important. In Ocala, they’ve found a way to celebrate both.

Hailing from Quebec, the French-Canadian couple traveled internationally making a living with music. Sandra sings while Alex does back vocals and plays guitar and the cajon. From jazz to pop, rock to country, and even some rap, they cover it all.

Photo courtesy of Sandra & Alex LeKid

Performing as Sandra & Alex LeKid, the professional duo worked in five-star hotels across the Middle East and in Bahrain specifically. In 2017, they performed at the grand opening of The Four Seasons Kuwait.

“When Covid-19 started we had just launched ‘Women in Songs,’ a tribute show to female singers,” recalls Sandra. “We had worked on it for two years and invested $50,000.”

Unfortunately, they only performed the show once before the pandemic lockdowns. Their travel schedule abruptly ended, and the couple began seriously looking for another place to live and work.

“We’re world travelers, so it didn’t scare us to leave where we came from,” says Sandra, adding that they live by the motto: Don’t try to change the world; change YOUR world.

“That’s what we did, and we’ve done it many times,” she says. “Covid could have put us on the street, but we just decided to change our world.”

Searching for an intriguing business to buy, they moved to Ocala in August 2021 to open Sandy’s Shack Vape Shop & Oils. 

“The first week we were here, we couldn’t find the variety of wine we wanted,” says Alex.

Back when they’d first met, Alex was the wine connoisseur, while Sandra was drinking “grocery store wine.” He introduced her to real wine, and they fell in love with it together, fantasizing about one day having their own shop.

That dream became reality in October 2022 when they launched Sandy’s Shack Imported Wine & Beer.

In addition to wines from around the world, their shop stocks imported and craft beers, mead, ports, cider, sake, cigars, mugs and glassware, gift items and hangover pills (that actually work!).

“We find epic wines from all over and carry everything the other stores don’t,” says Sandra.

Alex and Sandra delight in educating customers, hence the free wine and beer tasting every Thursday from 5-8pm. They also offer a wine club where patrons can choose the category of wines they prefer and how many bottles they wish to get per month.

The shop is open seven days a week, but Thursdays are the best time to meet them and pick their brains about wine. Other nights they might be performing somewhere, as their musical venture once again keeps them booked. 

For More Information:

Sandy’s Shack Imported Wine & Beer

4901 E Silver Springs Blvd., Unit 306-307

(352) 900-5541

For their music schedule, visit