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Therapeutic treatments offer life-changing benefits.

When a personal experience literally changes your life, you want to share it with others. That’s exactly what happened with Dr. Angelia Reddy. 

The Florida native, who was raised in Williston, has been a chiropractor in Ocala for nearly two decades. When intense pain became a part of her daily life in 2016, she desperately sought relief, starting with natural therapies first.

When chiropractic, acupuncture, massage therapy, pelvic floor physical therapy and supplements didn’t relieve the pain, she sought conventional medical care and medication.  

“I even tried muscle relaxers and anti-anxiety meds, and nothing touched it,” says Dr. Reddy, who was at her wits end when, through her research, she found that cold laser therapy could help her condition. 

“That’s what saved my life and was the start of changing my practice,” she notes.

Not only did the cold laser therapy break through her debilitating pain of over four months after just three days of treatment, but a month later, she was completely pain-free.

Empowered by her own healing and recovery, Dr. Reddy immersed herself in research on laser therapy. Determined to help others find pain relief, she began incorporating it into her own practice.

“I’m a chiropractor. My purpose and passion in life is to help people feel better and live healthier, more productive lives,” she says. “Now I have a full body red light bed and several types of cold lasers for treatment of specific areas enabling me to help those I was unsuccessful with before.”

Just as Dr. Reddy’s personal experience led her to offer the TheraLight Red light bed to patients, another transformative discovery opened a different door in her practice.

“I have been on a journey my entire life and struggled with anorexia for many years,” admits Dr. Reddy. “I worked out daily, had a personal trainer for many years, but no matter how thin I was, nothing resolved my cellulite.”

Frustrated, she tried procedures like cryo sculpting and Emsculpt, to name a few, but saw no change.

“Like many chiropractors, I have a shockwave device that is very effective for musculoskeletal pain. I learned that this was an extremely effective therapy used widely in Europe for the reduction of cellulite, so I decided to put it to the test,” she says. “I was my very first patient and started doing treatments on myself. I was extremely impressed and happy with the results. It has completely changed my life.”

The remarkable truth about shockwave treatment is that it repairs and restores the unhealthy connective tissue, the foundation of the dermis and epidermis, which is the underlying cause of cellulite. 

“Not only do you see changes in how your body looks, but the muscles and fascia are heathier in form and function,” notes Dr. Reddy.

“Shockwave treatment restores lymphatic flow, releases fascial restriction, creates healthier connective tissue and vascular supply, and increases collagen and stem cell production,” she explains. 

Results from the cellulite treatment are long-lasting (2-plus years), and there’s no down time. You can have a treatment and resume normal activities that same day.

Red light therapy is also part of Dr. Reddy’s protocol, but it’s the hands-on application of the shockwave therapy that brings about the repair under the skin.

Treatment times vary depending on the area of the body treated and generally range from 30 to 60 minutes.

“A good portion of patients will see changes with the first treatment. More severe, grade 3 cellulite will require several treatments to see a change,” says Dr. Reddy.

Coming soon, she will be using Styku 3D full body scans, providing DEXA-quality body composition and measurements with extreme accuracy and reliability (R² 0.99), to document the positive changes. 

Men who have good muscle tone and work out regularly may still battle that little layer of stubborn fat on the stomach.

“Especially with age, this can be harder to reduce, so men can see the benefits of the treatment as well,” says Dr. Reddy.

In addition to the hips, thighs and stomach, patients receiving shockwave treatments of the face experience a lifting effect, softening of fine lines and wrinkles and healthier skin.

While every treatment offered at Dr. Reddy’s office can stand alone, she’s found that utilizing a combination of therapies can enhance overall results, including improved physical function, better mood, and more energy.

“Here at the Cell-U-Light Therapy Center, we’re addressing the body on a structural physical level, but with red light therapy we can further help the body heal at the cellular level,” says Dr. Reddy. “It’s not just for someone with cellulite and a little fat they want to lose. This is for anyone—female and male—who wants to feel better and function optimally.”

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